Puspita Nursery Hybrid Tea Rose Red Color Live Plant Healthy & Fresh with Bud

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  • Hybrid Tea Rose or HT as popularly known is one of the most popular varieties, featuring a bushier nature. They make for great cut flowers, as the flowers have 30-50 petals.
  • “Double Delight,” “Evening Star,” “Dil-ki-Rani,” “Happiness,” “Golden Giant,” “Love,” “Disco,” “Kiss of Fire,” “Sea Pearl” and “Paradise” are a few names from the vast range of varieties of Hybrid Tea Roses.
  • It is a hybrid of tea and perpetual roses.
  • When talking of HT, we must mention “Indian Summer” rose. It is a double-flowered variety with a deep fragrance and a subtle charm. Its apricot shade is mesmerizing.
  • Indian postal department has released postal stamp of Rose varieties on Jawahar, Bhim, Neelam and Delhi Princess.
  • Love, beauty, passion – this is what roses signify. But there is more to a rose than just its name! You will be delighted to know this woody plant has a line of varieties; each one is dipped in pristine beauty. It’s hard to compare one with another.
  • It can be Planted in Pot also in Soil. Round the Year it can be Planted.
  • Have to give water time to time. No need to extra care.
  • Disease & Insect free tested & verified by Puspita Nursery Expert Team.
  • Fast Delivery Across India.Very Safe & Secured Packing Provides.

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Red Rose Flower Plant Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Decoration. Its flower is very nice with much nice scent. Very healthy plant with more leaves so it looks very nice.The ideal soil for Rose is rich and loose, with good drainage.

2 reviews for Puspita Nursery Hybrid Tea Rose Red Color Live Plant Healthy & Fresh with Bud

  1. Kashinath Wagh (verified owner)

    Received this plant in 50% good condition.Both sides of the packing box were open but internal packing was so good that did not allow the plant to move out.After opening the box I have washed the plant by drinking water below the tap. After 5-10 minutes the plant regained energy and then I have planted it in self watering planter by using equal % of sand, garden clay, coco peat and 20 % compost. For ready reference you may see this photo copy of the plant. I am happy to see the plant and so speedy service that this seller has , with the help of carriers , delivered this rose plant 4 days before scheduled date.

  2. JASMINE FERNANDEZ (verified owner)


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