Puspita Nursery African Marigold F1 Hybrid Yellow Color Flower Seeds with Sealed Packet


  • Best Quality African Marigold Seeds. Wel known as Kolkata Variety
  • High Yield About 4 kg to 5 kg Flower gives in a single plants
  • Yellow Color. 200 gm in a secured and Sealed Packed. About 5000 seeds
  • 100% Germination and 98% Female Plant
  • All weather Adjustable

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Best Quality African Marigold Seeds 200 gm in a Secured Sealed Pack. Yellow Color. Well Known as Kolkata Variety. 100% Germination Proved . Huge yield About 4 kg to 5 kg flower gives a single plants. All weather Adjustable. 98% Female Plant. About 5000 Seeds in a Packet.


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