Puspita Nursery ZygoCactus Christmas Flower Indoor Plant with Pot (Orange)


  • Zygocuctus season flower plant comes with a suitable Plastic Pot
  • Pot Size 4 Inch, No Assembly Required for the plant
  • Plants will fast grow in cocopeat & vermicompost
  • The plant good suitable for your Home, Office, Living Room, Balcony
  • We use Secure packaging material for your product safety

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Zygocactus come in many colours and put on one of the most striking floral displays of any plant. Just when you think the gloom of winter is upon you the zygocactus burst into colour to immediately lift everyone’s spirits. their botanical name is schlumbergera which is a bit of a mouthful so most people keep it simple and just call them zygos. They originated in the mountains of brazil where they grow as epiphytes in trees. Because of this they do well in pots and hanging baskets and love cool, humid conditions. Their brilliant flowers come in many shades of pink and lavender but also hot orange, salmon and white. You’ll find the hardest thing about growing zygocactus is choosing which colour.


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