Puspita Nursery Indoor Lipstick Aglaonema Plant (Pot Included)


  • Easy to grow with low maintenance requirements
  • Recommended by NASA as one of the top air purifying plants
  • Grows well without sunlight and in low light conditions
  • Diameter of Pot: 4″-5″
  • Fast & Secured delivery across in India

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Please Read The Below Description Before Placing An Order: We Package Our Plants With A Lot Of Care. However, In 1% Of Deliveries Customers Sometimes Receive A Damaged Plant Due To Rough Handling. Please Share A Picture Of The Same With Us And We Will Help You Address The Problem. Most Of The Times, Some Time And Care Is All The Plant Needs To Revive. One Of The Easiest To Grow Houseplants, Aglaonema Has Spectacular Bright Coloured Foliage That Looks Like Its A Part Of Your Home. It’S Stylish Leaves Look Gorgeous On Desks Or Tabletops, As Well As Coffee Tables And Side Tables In Dens, Living Rooms, And Bedrooms. The Striking Red Or Pink Tones In The Foliage Make It A Great Decorative Plant To Add To Your Home, And Its Good For You Too! Dimensions Of Potted Plant: L X B X H ~ 9″ X 9″X 12″ Growth Medium: Cocopeat And Soil Mix Pot: Round Plastic Pot Basic Care Guide Light: Indirect Sunlight To Full Shade Water: Twice A Week Feed: General Purpose Liquid Fertilizer Once In 2 Weeks Common Names Red Aglaonema, Chinese Evergreen Native Region Southeast Asia Botanical Name Aglaonema Commutatum


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