Puspita Nursery Areca Palm Live Plant Dypsis lutescens Most Popular Air Purifier common Name Golden cane palm Yellow palm, Butterfly palm


  • Areca Palm Plant is one of the best tropical foliage plants, easy to grow, and cleanse the indoor air as well.
  • It Improves Air Humidity
  • Easy to Look After
  • Absorbs Indoor Air-Pollutants:- According to the NASA Clean Air Study, areca palm can help in the reduction of indoor pollution by breaking down compounds such as acetone, xylene, formaldehyde, and toluene resulting in pollution-free air to breathe.
  • Emits More Oxygen
  • Safe for Pets:- There are not many houseplants that are safe for kids and pets but according to ASPCA, the areca palm is not toxic to cats, dogs, and horses.
  • Helps in Decreasing Stress
  • Beautifies the Interior
  • A Feng Shui Plant:- If you believe in Feng shui, the Areca palm plant is considered lucky. It brings wealth, peace, and prosperity to the house, pushing out negative energy, and attracting positivity.

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It is hard to believe that the areca palm (Dypsis lutescens) was once an endangered species. Drive down almost any street in a warm climate, and you are likely to see dozens of these tall, attractive, clumping palms that look a lot like bamboo. The palms have smooth, sometimes golden trunks that are reminiscent of bamboo clumps. Their fronds are narrow and full, almost like bamboo leaves. When grown outdoors, they are often used as a privacy screen. They also are commonly grown as houseplants. These palms are best planted in the spring, and they have a slow to moderate growth rate. Areca Palm Benefits are many–It’s one of the best tropical foliage plants, easy to grow, and cleanse the indoor air as well. Native to Madagascar, areca palms are popular as both indoor and outdoor plants. The foliage looks appealing and gives a tropical vibe to homes and offices. 1. Improves Air Humidity Do you know breathing dry air can cause eye itching, skin irritation, skin dryness, sore throat, and tightness around the joints? It can also make you look older causing wrinkles and fine lines. And if you’re suffering from respiratory ailments like sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis–Dry air makes them worse. Those who use heaters and air conditioners face the issues of dry air but growing houseplants like areca palms in your home is one way to increase relative humidity around yourself. 2. Easy to Look After Areca palm is a low maintenance plant and doesn’t mind occasional overwatering, unlike other houseplants. You can easily prune it to control the size. The only requirement is exposure to bright indirect light because it can’t grow in a dark spot. 3. Emits More Oxygen The plants with more surface area of leaves can produce more oxygen and areca palm is one such plant. We also added it to our list of indoor plants that produce oxygen. Two areca palms in 100 square feet area can increase the oxygen level indoors. Helps in Decreasing Stress


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